Customised Bubble Balloon


Lead-time: preferably 5 business days

Customised Balloon inclusive of:
Customised Message, 6 Mini Balloons OR Confetti, Ribbon, Tassel, Weight

Customised Message
Colours Available: Red, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Mint, Lavender, Black, Gold, Bronze Gold, & Silver
Font: Any

Mini Round Balloons
Colours Available: Pastel, Gold, Silver, White, Black, Tiffany, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple (+$2.00 for Polka Dot and Confetti Mini Balloons)
Mini Heart Balloons
Colours Available: Red, Pink, White

Colours Available: Black, Gold, Silver, White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Red, Maroon, Peach, Yellow, Orange, Mint, Green

Colours Available: Gold, Silver, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Dark Brown

Colours Available: White, Cream, Kraft, Yellow, Light Orange, Orange, Light Pink, Pink, Maroon, Lavender, Violet, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Mint, Lime Green, Light Green, Dark Green, Gold, Grey, Silver, Black

*Please note that 16" Customised Balloons are strictly for numbering*